Allworx VoIP Business Phone system is the perfect telephone solution for small businesses. Allworx has engineered a powerful all-in-one communications system that is one of the most user-friendly systems in the marketplace today at a very attractive price. Their systems provide features typically not available with small business systems. Allworx’s mission has always been to provide the same high level of service to all their customers, regardless of the business size. This is the core philosophy behind Allworx’s VoIP architecture and is reflected in their systems.

Allworx systems integrate a feature-rich phone switch with advanced IP phones and powerful software features that substantially improves a small business’s productivity while still reducing monthly costs. Each Allworx system is specifically designed to be intuitive and simple without a long list of required system components. Implementation of Allworx systems can be accomplished with absolutely no business disruption.

Unlike many systems, Allworx provides small businesses the luxury of choice in telephone technology. Allworx customers get all the features of traditional telephone systems plus VoIP solutions typically not available to small businesses including presence management, caller ID based call routing, find me/follow me calling, unified messaging. These features are easily activated, as customer needs dictate.

Imagine making an investment decision based on cost, value, and ease of implementation, not on limited features or complicated system interoperability. The award-winning Allworx systems have been designed exclusively for small businesses with no compromise on functionality or compatibility. The Allworx VoIP Business Phone System is the only solution available with a complete set of features designed exclusively for the small business.

Telecommunications systems are notoriously overcomplicated. Not here. Allworx has done away with the contradiction between complicated applications and day-to-day work life.