About VTI Communications

VTI Communications, began as a business unit of NTi Computers and Networks in 2008. NTI, a leading provider of IT support in the Metro Atlanta Area since 1997, provides both installation and operations support to many leading medical offices and small businesses. Early on, NTi management recognized how VoIP telephone systems could help businesses integrate their data and voice environments while reducing costs.  

VTi has partnered with many companies within different business segments to provide voice solutions that compliment our partners’ existing product offerings. These include architectural firms, commercial builders, and franchise developers. These partnerships allow VTi to increase our product offering and provide our customers voice systems with increased functionality over a standard phone system.

VTI Communications Group’s goal is to provide businesses with dedicated VoIP installations and address their voice, data and video integration needs. Because VTi originates from a data driven environment that has traditionally been more aggressive than voice vendors we are able to provide our customers with a more robust solution that is less inhibited by pre-supposed limitations. Additionally, as the industry has matured, we have grown. VTi has assembled its executive and technical team to include both voice and data resources to better address customer requirements as they transition from traditional voice systems to a VoIP solution.